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Historic Photos Displayed in Community Room

Barry Jones, Director of the Clara Barton Community Center (left), and Ritch Kepler, Cabin John's resident picture framer, pose with some of the historic photos that they have just hung in the Community Room next to the Center's kitchen. Viewing the images, one can see and feel, for at least a moment, what life was like in the early 20th century on the Canal, in Glen Echo Park, and at the Cabin John Bridge and the Bridge Hotel.

Hanging the pictures was the culmination of a project that began several years ago, when CJ resident Paulo Lyra put a note on the community listserv alerting folks that the images were available. Mr. Lyra, with help from several local historians, had carefully selected the photos from various sources. Only a few historical photos have resolution fine enough for prints this size.

Noticing the listserv post, FCBCC board member Stace Kimmel saw that it was an opportunity for the Center. She contacted Mr. Lyra, and alerted the other board members, who made individual contributions to fund the pictures' restoration. Ritch Kepler laboriously lifted the photos from their warped backings and supplied new ones that are rigid and smooth. The pandemic postponed further action, and the framed photos remained in storage until November, when Ritch, Barry, and Burr Gray (another FCBCC board member) teamed up to hang the images.

Many thanks go to Mr. Lyra for his gift of these impressive photographs. They complement the historic panels on display elsewhere at the Center, which trace Cabin John's interesting history. Enjoy them next time you visit the Center. You can also preview the photos by clicking here.

Remembering Virginia Douglas

Mohican Heights resident Virginia Douglas passed away on August 23, 2021. She was a valued member of the FCBCC Board from April 2007 to July 2010, and then she later came back for an additional year. For more information, click here.

Senior Sensations meets Mondays and Wednesdays for coffee, tea, snacks, programs, and trips from 10 am to 2 pm. To learn more or obtain the current schedule, please stop by the Center's main office. The Senior Weekly Schedule is at the front desk for you to pick up or you can call the Center at (240) 777-4910 to learn the current week's events.

Many special events are often planned for our seniors. If there's anything special you want to do as a group, just
let us know and we'll work it out. Any questions, please call the Center at (240) 777-4910.

FCBCC Receives Donation of $1100
from the Cabin John Citizens Association
March 28, 2013

First Row (left to right): FCBCC Board members Lou Lombardo, Rachelle Cherol, Burr Gray,
Center Director Modestine Snead, Board member Terry Fuller

 Back Row (left to right):  Jeff Bourne - Chief of the Division of Facilities & Capital Programs - Dept of Recreation,
and Gabriel Albornez - Director - Department of Recreation, Board members Linda Morelli and Leslie Barden.


Club Friday is back!

The MAC Club Friday is full of games, crafts, movies, theme nights, special events,
prizes, snack bar & raffles geared especially to grades 3 through 6.
MAC Club Friday is held once a month on Fridays,
from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, from October to May.

To register online, go to
Active Montgomery.
For more info, call (240) 777-4910.

Rita DiLazzara of Bethesda celebrates her 103rd Birthday!


See an excellent video presentation of Rita's life, presented by Leanne Long, here: JKLMedia/Biographies.
Katie Griffith wrote a wonderful piece for the Bethesda Patch on Rita's Birthday.
You can view it here:
Bethesdan Celebrates 103rd Birthday At Clara Barton Community Center.
View more information and photos of the event on Rita's 103rd Birthday page.


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Also, as we are a non-profit organization, we appreciate all donations
that help support the programs at the Community Center. If you are interested,
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